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Game of Firemen Rescue

Firemen Rescue

You are a fireman and your city needs your help! You start by a global view of your city, where you need to chose where to go (watch for fire). Once on the spot, you make your fireman partner to jump over the elastic bed into the different places where people is stranded so he can grab and carry them down. Do not get dizzy, and always catch your partner and the people he saves into your elastic bed!

You need Adobe Flash

Please search for ADOBE FLASH PLAYER on your Android Market. You need to install the Adobe Flash Player in order to enjoy these games.

Information about this Game

With your finger over the touchscreen you make your fireman move the elastic bed in the search for the spot where your flying fireman partner and the rescued people will fall.
DATE ADDED 2012-01-12 20:59:01 EST

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