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Game of Fishing Robot

Fishing Robot

You command this fishing robot. You need to tell it when to throw its elastic arm in order to catch a fish. If we are lucky enough to grab a fish then you need to give it to the fish eating tank robot, over the top of the game, by swinging the fish with your elastic arm into it. You will excel at angle calculation with this pyshics based game!

You need Adobe Flash

Please search for ADOBE FLASH PLAYER on your Android Market. You need to install the Adobe Flash Player in order to enjoy these games.

Information about this Game

You press into your touchscreen when the robot arm is aiming into a swimming fish, in order for it to go elastic and grab the fish. You use the same tactics to throw the catched fish into the mouth of the tank robot.
DATE ADDED 2012-01-16 17:46:48 EST

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