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Game of Run Ronaldo!

Run Ronaldo!

Run Ronaldo, because the Argentinian soccer player is getting you, he keeps running and score! The thing is that Ronaldo more than a bit overweight. Well, he is plainly fat, to be honest. If he finds a soda or a hamburger on his way to the score, undoubtedly he will eat it, thus making him run slower. You have to avoid him to grab any food or drink by making him jump or duck each time he meets such temptation.

You need Adobe Flash

Please search for ADOBE FLASH PLAYER on your Android Market. You need to install the Adobe Flash Player in order to enjoy these games.

Information about this Game

You can play with your finger on your mobile's device touchscreen. If you are using a PC computer or notebook, you can use your mouse or touchpad.
DATE ADDED 2012-01-02 14:25:15 EST

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